It's October 2015

It's October 2015
Have You Scheduled Your Mammogram??!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Port One, Gemzar 2

Makes me think of the Rain Man. To be said while rocking back and forth: Port One. Gemzar Two. Port One Gemzar Two. Charlie Babbitt made a joke. K-Mart Sucks... I survived my first treatment using the port on Monday. I didn't think it could be done given I still have on bandages but the nurse was able to access Port Authority. She put on a local anesthetic cream called Emla. Great, something else that comes with a warning label. Anyway, it helped to numb the area very quickly. I must say, although I was entirely freaked out by poking a device installed under my skin, it made the treatment go much smoother. We saved at least 15 minutes trying to find a cooperative vein. So that's the good news. 

The not great but bearable news is that I feel like shit from the treatment. I was fine on Monday though extremely tired and irritable to the point of tears. I haven't been sleeping, hence my writing this at 4:00 in the morning. Yesterday I had aches and pains, chills, nausea, and no fever. I was teetering on throwing up every couple of hours but thankfully didn't. I cannot say I'm feeling to great now. This is a typical side effect of the chemo that strangely I didn't experience the first time I had it. Took a bunch of Tylenol Extra Strength, which I'm going to stock up on. By the way, what are you thoughts on the actual name brand vs. say, Walgreens?

Meanwhile, my hair is growing in dark and somewhat thick--still some thinning spots in the back. My insane hairline is back, cowlicks, baby hairs and all. Here's an interesting fact: The word cowlick originates from the domestic bovine's habit of licking its young, which results in a swirling pattern in the hair. I did not know that until I looked up the correct spelling. 

I'm incredibly antsy lying in bed and the bright light of the computer isn't helping. Time to turn on some NPR and attempt to catch more Zzz's...

Thanks again for everyone's supPORT this week. Oh, by the way, my friend Maury came up with a new name: Port CHESTER. How did I not think of that? Good on ya, Maury!

Love to all, 


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Greetings from Port Authority

Hi ya'll... rePORTing back to you to advise that the procedure went OK. Mom and Sandy accompanied me to Lenox Hill. After filling out several forms and a lot of waiting time I was brought into the cold operating room where I was introduced to the staff. I must say one nurse was nicer than the other, the surgeon, or rather, radiology interventionist, did his best to comfort me and I always felt as if I were in good hands. My only question is why are shoes without booties permitted in the operating room? I had to wear a mask during my procedure just so I wouldn't breathe on myself to avoid risk of infection. Everything else is super sterile, but you can wear your shoes and I even did so while I was lying on the table (I only had to undress from waist up). 

The actual procedure started at 11:45AM but I wasn't brought into recovery until about 2PM. I was super groggy, eventually got to eat a sandwich and drink some apple juice and after an hour or two I got to go home. The area hurts or is rather sore but it's not bad enough that I need hard core pain killers. It's black and blue and has medical strips on it that will fall off within seven to ten days; I can only sponge bath for four days. I took off the big bandage this afternoon.

My new device was aptly named Port Authority by my friend Hillary; first because I'm a New Yorker and second because I still have authority over my life! I really couldn't attempt to read about Port Authority until I came home yesterday and checked out the brochure. Here's the most basic information about it:

I have to carry a little card with me to give to nurses any time it's utilized or if it sets off the alarms at the airport. Just think, I may be the reason you miss a flight one day because I held up security. 

Thanks for everyone's supPORT.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!


The Boob Blogger


Thursday, May 8, 2014

You're so Vein....You Probably Think This IV is For You...

So, early last week my veins quit on me. They no longer want to be poked and prodded for an IV treatment, so much so that after four attempts I couldn't even get the treatment. Therefore tomorrow I'll be getting a port put in at Lenox Hill. I've been avoiding this because quite frankly the thought of it makes me nauseous. Supposedly it will make my treatments much easier and I'll forever be relieved of all the sticking in my arms (except for blood draws). Some answers to frequently asked questions: 1) No, I will not go off at the airport (but I think I have to carry some sort of card just in case) 2) I cannot infuse vodka in it 3) The procedure only takes about 45 minutes and I'm only under local anesthesia 4) It'll be put in somewhere between my left shoulder and left breast 5) It'll stay in as long as I need chemo which could be for life, who knows, depends on my progress. Any suggestions for names? I hear the word port and it makes me think of Pt. St. Lucie, Port-au-Prince, Port-o-Potty, etc... Suggestions welcome.

 Click below and tune in. Bet you can't get the song out of your head all day... ;)

Enjoy the Spring showers!

Love from, 

The Boob Blogger.........