It's October 2015

It's October 2015
Have You Scheduled Your Mammogram??!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Father +Daughter Share Pink Ribbons

Hi all,

Below is a link about Arnaldo and Vanessa Silva, a dad and his daughter, who both discovered they had breast cancer at the same time. I've mentioned them before in earlier blog postings. What the video fails to mention is that Arnaldo lost his sister to BC. So after he was diagnosed and tested positive for the BRCA2 gene, that's when Vanessa thought it was best she get tested as well.

I'll have the privilege of dancing with these stars at the October 25th recital.

Please take a moment to hear their story.



Monday, October 13, 2008

One Small Step For Woman...Giant Leap for Mankind...

OK, so it's coming up... my first dance recital. Feeling a combination of calm, nervousness and excitement. I'm attaching the invite for the details. Seats are assigned so sooner  you buy, better the seats.  And if you can, come early for the silent auction. Proceeds go to the Helen Sawaya Fund, which is how I got to do this dance recital in the first place since it helps support patient programs for survivors, amongst many other things. 

Since I last wrote, I've done the Susan G. Komen Walk, which in just three or four short days of fund raising brought in a fair amount of money. I'd like to thank everyone for his/her donations. I'm not even sure of the final total yet b/c as I understand it, some donations were made and I have not yet received acknowledgment of them. 

I'm sure there's no need to remind you that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so if you haven't had your yearly mammo, please make your appointment now! 

Lots of love!