It's October 2015

It's October 2015
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Good News From The Chemo Lounge

Hi All,

Lots of good stuff going on, so much that I'm using it as an excuse for not writing lately. And if getting addicted to BREAKING BAD can be lumped into good stuff, other BB fans will really understand why I haven't written sooner.

For weeks I was really suffering from a strange cough-sinus-allergy thing. I don't exactly know what to call it. Let's just say it was a lingering viral cough, which isn't all that unusual except for the fact that I've been choking on my saliva and while doing so would be gasping for air.  After visiting my Pulmonologist, a really crappy ENT and then an excellent ENT (thank you, Naomi!) who just happens to practice in the building where I work, I am now on the mend. Robitussin, which ranks up there with blue cheese as far as things I hate to ingest, is a miracle worker when coupled with codeine. Dr. Geoffrey Pollack, I love you. This doctor is so caring, thorough, smart, attentive and yes, even funny. Of course he needed to diagnose my problem, but first things first, he said, let's get rid of that cough, as he watched me choke and involuntarily cry, blow my nose because it ran like a faucet and then try to regain my composure. Hence the cough syrup (seems like a no brainer but alas...).  Although my lungs have been sounding clear as a bell during my weekly check-ups, he wanted me to get a chest scan sooner rather than later to rule out any recurrence of my "cancer cough."  I was initially scheduled to go for one after I completed by second 12 week chemo cycle so we pushed it up by a couple if weeks.

On Columbus Day I went for my 11th chemo cocktail  and then for my cat scan of the chest with contrast. Talk about feeling toxic. I shouldn't have been allowed to walk the streets without a hazmat suit. The following day Dr. Dana was the first of three doctors to break the news that I'm still improving! The number of tumors has not changed but the tumors are continuing to shrink, which is exactly what we are striving for. Later on I spoke with my oncologist, Dr. B, who was very pleased with the results. He explained to me that because  (i) I am tolerating the chemo so well (ii) I have not reached a point of toxicity (iii) I have not yet reached the best results, it behooves me to start another three month cycle of the paclitaxel. Yesterday I had the last of my cycle two cocktails. Next week I will take a breather and on Monday, November 4, I will being cycle three.

Although I've plenty more to write about, it is 7:22am and I have to get to work. For now I leave you with this very positive news and as always send love and thanks for being part of my cheering squad.

Mo' later,

Buzz Belson